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Don't read this if you're animal is dying or recently deceased.Got Shelli's box today. It is about 5in X 4in. or so. It is solid mahogany wood very dark, very nice. Gold plate on top says SHELLI, Momma's Angel, 2002 - 5-31-05And has a calico cat angel with wings on top. I had to unscrew the bottom to get her cremains inside. First time I looked at what they were. I wrapped them in a portion of her pink blankie. I can't stand the thought of her in just a plastic bag ack. I'm hopeless.This was hard. Real hard. They weren't ashes per se. They were... are... bits of bone! It was shocking. I had to put it out of my mind to finish but it's hard. There is a comfort in still having part of her though and in such a lovely memorial, and it has her picture too. Very nice. Always have it.But hard. Missed her a lot these last two days. Got a new cat and I can't help thinking MAN Shelli sure was good and special. All cats are. BUT WHOA she was my shadow. I never realized how much she was always THERE for me. Following me around. Talking to me. Listening to me. I knew her so well and she knew me perfectly. I guess a psychologist would say I have transferred my feelings of love onto my cats. I suppose so. They never reject you you know? They don't care if you don't / can't go out to a movie cause you hate being in public. They don't give a fig if you sleep a lot hey more time for them to nap next to you.In a perfect world, I'd have many cats and one man :) Lol. Anyways, I must say I'd recommend this for anyone losing a beloved pet unless they really want them out of sight because it's too hard to handle reminders. I like having my father's items and pictures around me too. Just makes me feel closer to them.And now a moment of silence for remembering the wonderful joy that my Shelli brought to me [bows her head]


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