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Refusal to believe



As I sat in the ER room waiting for a DX, a Dr was going over my health history, a short qiuck intro to my extended health issues. You could see the dismay in his eye that he had yet another case to deal with. My Family doctor didn't come to the hospital so I was adopted by the physicans on staff. I started to tell him about the high cortisols I've been showing and how I mighthave Cushings. Right away he jumped on me, and with his foriegn accent he said " no, no, why you say this?" I showed him my hump and he said "yes, and..." He said where's the straites? I showed him those. He still didn't believe me and started arguing that Cushings is very rare. We were distracted by a nursing coming in to start my IV and the argument was dropped. I was trying to make a point that I did not want ANY Steroids given to me. What an attitude we as patients get when we know a little bit more thatn the average "Joe."



Just for the sake of it all, I copied and pasted my story here of what happened to me.

It's not been easy.




Wow, where do I begin?I?ve went away last Weds, July 8th. It was going to be a nice trip?was. My daughter began labor the Monday before , but she never brought forth our grandson, so they induced her labor on Thursday, July 9th. Ok, that was all going smoothly. I gathered up my demented mother , our forteen yr old son and myself to travel 3 ? hrs away to be there for this grand event. The trip was to be uneventful; we arrived at our motel late but happy.

In the morning, we got up, dressed ourselves and timed it out that we?d be there at the hospital to celebrate the birth of Krystian Layne?. Needless to say we hopped in the car at the motel, and the car wouldn?t start. So disappointed, and after many attempts (someone even giving us a battery jump) I called the service hotline to see what they could do. Meanwhile, my daughter called, and with a wimper in her voice, she asked ?where are ya, ma? ? ? it hurts? Oh, my, my heart went out to her.


Service came an hour later, and we were on our way. No, we weren?t. The car would not stay running. I had a clutch, and with some fancy foot work, I low geared, and charged the car up to the service dealer, stalling several times. So the dealer took the car in to check it out but they had absolutely no loaner cars, and even the transport car was gone. They had one lone driver but no vehicle. Hearing our delemia, he jumped at the chance to help us out?so he came around the corner in his own personal vehicle to get us to the hospital, hopefully on time? and we did!!!! . Kyrstian was born 7lbs 7oz 20 ?? long. Beautiful little boy; beautiful full head of dark hair. Mom is doing great, too. But this isn?t the end of my story.


My foot started hurting that day, from a previous time that a ganglion cyst had developed and was being treated with injections by a local Podiatrist for the pain it gave me; His proticol called for 6 of these injections, 2 weeks apart. Make a note that the area turned red and itchy the next day, I called and the Doctor said this was normal. My foot hurt all week, but I felt that I was in treatment and needed to be paitent.


The pain intensified by late evening, to a point that I decided to go to the local ER for some relief/treatment. I dragged out my momma, my son and I about midnight, only to be there for about three hours, not yet even seeing a doctor. I sat in the hall way of triage, and wouldn?t get any further. I signed myself out and called a local Foot Care Center in the morning. The good Dr. drained my now abcessed, infected foot, and prescribed an antibiotic and pain meds. I was so intensly sick . I layed over at the motel for another day, over extending our trip in time and finances, because I got so down. I had a fever, vomiting and my foot turned red, and I could?t drive home for the pain I was in. I called the local doc but he told me I needed to be on the antibiotic for 48 hours; to hang in there.

Early Sunday morning I got off the hard narcotics and took Ibprofen every two hours so I could drive the 3 ? trip home. The car after a few no starts, ran good, but traffic was terrible on the turnpike for a Sunday night.


As soon as I got home to Greencastle, PA, my husband took one look at me and said ?let?s go.? My foot, ankle and leg ( up to the knee ) had turned red; pus and blood ran out of the needle hole where the aspiration had taken place earlier. I was admitted, and had emergency surgery on my foot at 10:30pm, with general annistheia. I was immediately put on several antibiotics vie IV and as I was wheeled into the Operation Room, I reacted to one of the antibiotics and they had to immediately give me Benedryl.The new foot doctor made two incisions to drain and clean the wound and packed both. As I write I am in the hospital with IV antibiotics ( 2 different kinds), awaiting a report on the culture to see what kind of infection it was. I might have to stay until Weds.



Weds= I am now home on Weds night with a staph/MRSA infection. Needless to say I?m not very happy.


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