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"Patience is a virtue" (Of which I don't possess!)



So, I had some blood work done yesterday. I wish I knew how long it would take to get the results back! (I forgot to ask). These are the tests that my Endo ordered;


? Comp Metabolic Panel ? Cortisol (this was a blood test) ? Hemoglobin A1C ? Insulin Serum

? Lipid Panel ? TSH & T4, Free ? Prolactin Serum ? FSH, Serum ? Estradol


Can I just complain for a minute? I did not feel that this Endo was listening to me and I am concerned that she so easily dismissed the possiblility of Cushing's (because it's rare). I really resent the lecture (again) about eating healthy and excercise! I wonder if she is getting a kick back from the "South Beach Diet" people? because she couldn't stop going on and on about it!


Please, please, please let them find something wrong with my bloodwork! (I know, sounds crazy right??) I just want to get better and I can't take much more of the condesending and dismissive attitutes from Doctors and friends/family!


Give me strength!


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