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Maybe not so weird symptoms?



I've always been an overly stressed person.


Recently I've been very, very stressed. More than I ever have been in my life. I will be sitting at home just watching TV. When suddenly I start feeling hot, uneasy, sad, and worried. It happens for no reason at all. But the real stress happens around midnight. I get so worked up about anything and everything, that by midnight I break down with an anexity attack. By 1 am its usually over and I can finally get some sleep.


Being summer, I don't have school, I don't have a job, and I see my friends very often.


I've heard that the hormone that causes cushings is the stress hormone. Is that true? and if so, could that be causing my late night anexity attacks?


Also, does anyone get face, or foot swelling? specifically left foot swelling?

My face swells when I wake up and my foot swells about every other day.


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