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Feel yucky...



Ok so now I am feeling just awful!


Yester day at about 2pm, I started to feel so awful that I had to go home early from work. So at about 3pm I told my boss I didnt feel good and left. I could barely drive home, i felt like I was going to fall asleep at any second. I actually did for a second while stopped at a red light! (sorry to the guy behind me who had to beep at me) Anyway, I got home and layed down instantly on the couch and was asleep in seconds and ended up sleeping for 4 hours. My husband said I was dead to the world, he couldn't even wake me up. So I wake up about 8pm and was still tired, but tucked the kids into bed and sat with them for a while. Then I went to bed at about 10pm and slept all night (ok woke up 2x but only for a few minutes, then fell back asleep)


So...after all this rest, you would think I would be well rested right? NO, I am just as tired today and everything feels swollen and hurts! Also I have more pimples today than I think I have ever had in my life! its like they came overnight!


Am I in a low cortisol cycle? I'm just learning about these things so any advice is more than welcome! This past weekend I think I was in a high cyclew because I was not able to sleep and was irritated at everything and felt like I was going to junp out of my skin!


When are those tests going to come back!!!!


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