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Ummm either a cold or infection. I have some skin infections going on, so I decided to go ahead and take some Augmentin. I don't take many antibitoics these days as I'm so resistent and trying to build up their effacy again for future kidney infections.Anyways, I'm so doped up. It used to be that pain killers and the like hardly affected me, in the early days of cushings. Now, I can't even tolerate a codeine 3 without being completely incapacitated mentally and physically. Makes my muscles weak and my brain so numb.Finding a lot of faith in these here boards once again. It's all about me. Whether I post a lot or disappear for a year or two. It is never really the boards. Im meeting new people too which is nice sth that is hard to do for me here as I'm an oldtimer. I mean my bio is old and i need to re-write it. It's hard to go through my history succinctly. So that's one reason I have stuck to oldtimers nothing to do with those newer to the boards. And sometimes I can be really sensitive too. But I'm not now- I'm enjoying myself again. Very nice!Umm my brain is too numb and fever and chills coming and going so off I go for now. PS: Heard from christy and am relieved that she's getting help


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