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I Keep Forgetting-Head Full of Fog



Well, I was off to a good start, then my blog kinda fizzled, but here are the highlights:

9/08 through 3/09 I had Five Pituitary surgeries. I am very fortune to live close to an amazing cutting edge nuero-surg doc. He is able to plane away small sheets of pit tissue until he finds the adenoma and then remove just the amount necessary to achieve a cure. Well, he did this on each surgery, unfortunately, I had tumor material all through my pit. The ACTH secreting adenoma was in the posterior pit pressing into the stalk, so at the end of March 2009, he took the rest, stalk and all, and "burned" all surrounding areas to prevent any reoccurance. I have had some ups and downs getting my hydro adjusted, but have been on the road to recovery since July 1, 2009. Now, I know what has been happening since I was a teen. I have had periods of high and low weight, on and off symptoms, and no diagnosis. In my cortisol low times, I have had so inflammatory problems but every time I made it to the right doc with tests in hand the cushings was back and I was masking any other problems with my high steroid levels. So that is my current battle, the inflammatory process is back , with a vengence. I guess that is the way it goes though. This cushings cycle was the worst I ever had so of course the inflammatory condition would be as well. Testing now for two conditions, anklosing spondalytis and systemic lupus. At first, MS was in the running, but ruled out now, thank goodness!


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