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Give me strength....



Ok, so I finally got a message from the Endo on my machine at home saying that she has my lab results and thinks I have Metabolic Syndrome because my insulin level was elevated. (it was 103). The thing I don?t get is that Metabolic syndrome is a group of conditions including


? High blood pressure (ok, this shoots up every once in a while lately, but mostly it is normal)

? High blood sugar levels (103 isn't really that high!)

? High levels of triglycerides (mine were 148, which is within the normal range)

? Low levels of HDL, the good cholesterol, in your blood (mine was 50 which is fine)

? Too much fat around your waist (YES I KNOW I'M FAT!)


What I don't get is how she (the Endo) can diagnose me as having Metabolic syndrome when the only thing showing even slightly elevated was the Glucose done as part of the Metabolic panel? The Insulin Serum was 12 (normal is less than 17).


I have every symptom, why won't she even consider Cushing's and do some testing????? Am I crazy?


Oh! And get this...


I had told her at my appointment that I have been having Gallbladder attacks and that the hospital and my doctor told me that I should probably have it out soon because they are getting worse. You know what the Endo told me? She said, "now hold on there, don't do anything just yet! If you change the way you eat, that problem will resolve itself". Can you believe it?? This is after I TOLD her that I don't eat badly, that I understand nutrition, that I am NOT a snacker, eat very few processed or high fat foods and eat a lot of fruit and vegetables. She just totally ignored me and basically made me feel like all of my health problems are because I am an unhealthy eater! She didn't even listen to me, barely glanced at my pictures or my list of symptoms and said the hump on my neck/back "can be caused by gaining weight". She didn't even look at my stretch marks! (By the way, mine aren?t dark purple like some peoples, they are mostly just pink).


I called her back yesterday. How do I convincingly explain to her that she needs to do more testing for Cushing?s? That a Cortisol level of 5.6 (at 10:45 in the morning) is NOT considered normal?


When the endo calls me back (I left a message), I plan to tell her...


"Ok, so you think it's metabolic syndrome? Cant that be a symptom itself of a more serious problem such as Cushing's? Metabolic syndrome itself doesn?t explain away the missed/irregular periods, the forgetfulness, the low (let face it, gone!) sex drive, the acne, the buffalo hump, the mustache, etc...."


I need her to do a COMPLETE Cushing's workup!!!


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Hi melissa,


I have just posted my blog too if u wanna read it too. I think, FRANKLY, ur doctor is being dismissive with you because she doesnt know enough about cushings. Its so common. I've just after a year of tests and determination found out I likely have Cyclical Cushings. I had to practically beg my endo to do the tests and MRI though. If I hadnt got my elevated cortisol at the moment I did Id have got a 2nd opinion, there was no way I wasnt trusting my gut. Seriously i feel ur pain and anguish. Coming on this board makes me both relaxed (knowing im not alone) and f*cking angry (excuse my language) but it PAINS me to see other people going through the same jingaling with these endocrinologists who think we're just eating crap all day and it's about weight loss. I told my endo I'd do as MANY urines as humanly possible to catch this and u know what she initially said - "no we have to keep the amounts right cos we cant have us sending loads into the labs" etc and I thought WHAT SIDE ARE U ON?! Anyway, after a lot of persuasion Ive finally got the biochemisty and we're in talks about surgery.


Melissa...dont give up. I find music helps. Find some of ur favourite songs and play them whilst ur in the process of taking this further. Go back to that endo, ask her finally for more tests for CUSHINGS and nothing else and if she refuses get a 2nd opinion seriously, this is ur life we're talking about, dont let the doctors fool u into thinking ur imagining something is wrong okay? Id love to hear what u think on my story blog too. thanks xx

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