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Lung Tumors from HOPE



""My Cushings and paraneoplastic wastings syndrome were caused by a cancerous tumor in my left lung. Of course every doc I saw said that it was from poor diet and lack of excercise even after i told them I have the perfect diet and fitness plan and can gain 3 to 6lbs in one day. Docs did not believe almost everything I was explaining but I kept going to more docs and explaining everything all over again. When I finaly convinced a doc i had cushings several scans of my head were being done. brain surgery was cancelled 2x i was given aprox 2 months to live. then in the nic of time based on their research my sisters convinced the doctors to stop arguing over my brain and look in the lung using an octreotide scan. BAM tumor lit up like a light bulb. Had my lung removed. Deadly Ectopic Cushings runs in my family. I had MANY MANY numerous secondary illnesses ALL were caused by my Cushing's. I think I may be cured I'm praying. Almost all of my horrible conditions disapeared w/my cortisol. I dont want to say it out loud because i dont want to jinx it but i do want to help others and would like to discuss this further w/anyone who is interested. Good luck to all of you. If it was not for my sister finding help here I would not be here. When i have cushing's type symptoms they r calling it carcinoid syndrome. it may last forever because that is the name of the tumor i had (carcinoid) which kinda was a blessing because it is less aggressive than small or oat cell wich is more common and much more aggressive. They did not know until they opened me up that my cancer had spread throughout the entire upper left lobe and the lymph nodes closest to the primary tumor. just trying to put info out there for others who may be doing their own research..."


I would post the posting but I dont know how to do it!


from HOPE




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