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All my labs were fine and my MRI came back as follows..


FINDINGS: The pituitary gland appears of normal size and configuration. Homogenous enhancement of the pituitary parenchyma after the administration of the IV contrast medium; Mo definite focal mass could be identified. The pituitary stalk appears central. The optic chiasm is unremarkable. What is seen of the brain is unremarkable for significant intracranial abnormality. Small mucus retention cyst seen in the left aspect of the sphenoid sinus.


IMPRESSION: No radiological evidence to suggest pituitary mass lesion or pathological enhancement.


>> So I guess I am back to square one. On the plus side, my appointment was with not only the Endo, but the neurosurgeon was also there. They were both wonderful! I have to say, I was very upset because I saw the PA first, and she was the one who told me that everything was normal and there was no reason for me to be there (yeah, she was a real pill!) and that she didn?t see any reason for me to continue testing. OH! And I had brought pictures and she wouldn?t look at them! She just said ?well I?m sure there WOULD be significant changes in you appearance after you gained 80lbs?. However, then she left the room and said the Endo would be in shortly.


I was very surprised when the Endo & the Neurosurgeon walked about 5 minutes later with 4 other people! The Nuerosurgeon spoke 1st and said ?I have some good news for you?. At this point I told him, ?yes I heard, and I am sorry that I have apparently wasted everyone?s time?. Then he said, hold on a minute, we are not done with you just yet. He then went on to tell me that although the MRI did not show anything, that there was a possibility that it was just too small to be seen and the the Endo chimed in and said that they want to continue testing because it was possible that the tumor was not secreting hormones all the time and I could have been tested during a non-secretion period.


They ordered 3 more midnight salivary tests!!!


The Endo seemed very concerned about the headaches I have been getting especially the one I mentioned I had during orgasm. (Bummer, I know?I was having such a good time that night too!) She also asked me if I ever got hand trembles after or during the headaches? (I have!) She started rattling off something to her assistant about a bunch of other testing she wanted to do (sorry, I was so frazzled at this point that I can?t even remember what she said). I do remember that what she said she was going to test for was rare and that some of my other symptoms didn?t point to it, but that she wanted to cover all possible bases. I just realized that she never gave me another lab slip for the additional testing when I left, but they are supposed to call me to set up another appointment so perhaps they will mail it to me. I know she said something about having to look something up.


Anyway, sorry this is so long, but I think that all things considered, the appointment went pretty well. It sucks that everything came back ?normal? but at least they seem very committed to finding out what is going on with me. I feel like I was actually believed for once.


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