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Excessive Growth Hormone Symptoms



Symptoms due to excess growth hormone or IGF-I vary widely. Increase in ring size or tightness of rings (due to hand swelling, "sausage-like" fingers) Increase in shoe size (due to foot swelling) Increased sweating Coarsening or thickening of facial features, especially the nose Increased prominence of jaw and/or forehead Thickened skin, especially on palms of hands or soles of feet Oily skin or acne Swelling of tongue Thickening or swelling of the neck (due to goiter) Arthritis (pain, swelling, or stiffness in any joint) Difficulty breathing during sleep (sleep apnea), causing poor sleep and excessive sleepiness during the day Pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness in hands and wrists (carpal tunnel syndrome) New overbite, underbite, or spreading out of teeth Large numbers of skin tags Acromegaly that affects the heart or blood pressure or causes diabetes may have another set of symptoms. These do not occur in everyone with acromegaly. Irritability Fatigue Fainting Weakness Increased thirst or urination Shortness of breath Chest pain Palpitations or rapid heart beat Poor exercise tolerance


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