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Cushings and Dentistry






"When people with Cushing's syndrome or Cushing's disease have complex dental procedures, they may be at higher risk of infection. They also may be at risk of cardiovascular collapse, in which the heart stops pumping blood.


If you have Cushing's syndrome, it is critical that you tell your dentist or oral surgeon about it before you have any procedures. They also need to know if you are taking a steroid medicine. Your dentist or oral surgeon probably will monitor your blood pressure during the procedure. You also may need to take more steroids than usual before certain dental procedures. The need for extra steroids depends on a variety of factors. This often is coordinated with the primary physician.

People who take glucocorticoid supplements for a long time are more likely to develop fungal infections in the mouth. This occurs because the drug suppresses the immune system. They may have high blood pressure and have difficulty managing blood sugar levels. Your dentist may want to check for these problems before treatment.


People with Cushing's syndrome may bruise easily and may bleed more than normal during dental procedures. Wound healing can be delayed by multiple factors. These may include suppression of the immune system and poor clotting of the blood. "


Thank you SAL


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