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My story



Wow. I am reading all this information and thinking that someone is writing my story already. I have gained about 100 pds in a little over a year. I sweat all time. I have headaches all the time. My feet swell so much that I can hardly wear my shoes some days. I have a hump at the top of my back that looks like I am storing up water like a camel or something. My face is so fat that you cannot see my ears when you look at me. I look like i could be pregnant with quadruplets. All of my weight is in my mid section and my face. I am currently having to take blood pressure med in fear that I was going to have a stroke it got so high. I am getting ready to turn 30 next month and i feel like I have the stamina of a 90 yr old person. I cannot even grocery shop without feeling like i have ran a marathon. By the time I am done, I feel like my back is going to break and my legs will not hold me up. I am always tired, soooo tired. I cannot even play with my kids anymore without being totally drained. I do not have the energy to do anything anymore. I am waiting on test results from the test where I took a pill at 11 pm and had bloodwork done at 8 am. My first 24 hr urine test showed high levels of cortisol so they are doing this now.


Where do I go from here? Maybe it really all is from being overweight. I am embarassed to even tell the doctor some of the symptoms because I know the response will be lose weight, if only it was that easy. I am feeling so defeated, I want to lose the weight, I want to play with my kids again! I want my active life back!


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I read your story!! And i tell you, you have exactly what I have!! Your only solution is surgery!! And you might not get 100 percent good. And I tell you the faster you get the surgery the better! I did my surgury about a year ago! And I got much better, but now I been feeling bad again, i m going for another surgery! If Iwas you I ll see your docter as fast as you can for surgery! And if he doesent now whats wrong with you, you tell him that is the cushing syndrome, tell him to doan MRI and a CT scan, there they will find your tumors that are producing all that cortisol!

If you have any question email me at mc_nadien@hotmail.com

wish you luck!

If your problems come from the adrenal glands I tell you the surgery is not easy!

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Thanks so much for your information. I have an appt with endo on the 13th. I just want to be able to play with my kids again. They are 6 and 9 and just don't understand why I don't feel like playing with them like I used to.

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I understand your feeling completely. I am scheduled for surgery Feb 9th, and that day cannot get here soon enough. I have a left adrenal adenoma, the exhaustion is getting so bad I can hardly make it through a week of work, and all I do is sit at a computer. Of course my brain is not working but Im here because I do not have any more time to take off and saving every bit of it for the time off after surgery.


I totally understand about feeling 90 yrs old. I watch other people in their 70's and 80's walking around enjoying life with smiles on their faces and knew something had to be wrong with me. I cant take life like this, its not fair nor is it living.


Keep in trying to get a dx from a doctor, if one dismisses you find another. Keep in searching and finally your work will pay off. I hope mine will. I am feeling so bad today that I can hardly move, or breathe. Cannot go home to lay down and its killing me.


We were all told "you are fat lose weight and you will be fine" its a dumb doctor's way of not listening to us when we tell them what our symptoms are.


Anytime you need to talk I am here for you.


Hang in there, persevere, things will get better. By the way, I'm 52 and have lost 10 yrs of my life to this killer cushings.


Nice to meet you, my name is,



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Thank you so much for responding. It is so nice to figure out that I am not going crazy! I am doing my student teaching for my education degree right now. It is killing me but if I do not finish then I do not graduate in May. I have been to the endo and he did diagnose cushings and did an ACTH test. I went back this week for a high dose dex test with CRH stimulation. He said he wanted to rule out psuedo-cushings and try to locate where to look for tumor. I guess this is a start. There are just some days I think I can't do this for one more day. I WANT MY LIFE BACK!!!! I want to play and laugh with my kids. I am so tired right now that all I do is yell at them. I know they cannot figure out what is going on because I was always so involved with them. We were always doing something and I never yelled. Now I am doing good to get out of bed in the morning and even better to get them in bed before I go to bed. Luckily I am living with my mother right now while I am going back to school so she can help some, but her health is not good either. It was really nice to meet you and I hope everything goes well with your surgery! My name is Mattie.

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