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Dex test levels?



I just received a call back from my doctors office and they have referred me to an endo for cushings disease. My 1 mg dex test came back with a level of 19. What is normal? I didn't get a chance to ask her. Also, any ideas as to what the endo will want to do next? I am supposed to start my student teaching this coming Monday. I will graduate with my teaching degree in May. So far I am gathering that the most opted for treatment is surgery, however, right now it sounds like the recovery time is pretty lengthy and I cannot miss my student teaching or I do not graduate. Are there other options that I might seek for treatment until I could have the surgery. I currently am going to have a hard time making through a day of teaching as I have no energy and am worn out by any physical activity, however I really want to graduate in May. It has taken we until I was almost 30 to accomplish this and I do not want to wait.


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