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Sickness before surgery



Ask your endos office if he/she has a standard letter that you can present if you need to go to the ER or call an ambulance. I have one from my endo though it is designed for how to recognize and treat me for an AI event.


Your endo should be willing to call in some RX's for you while you wait for surgery, whether they are hydro/cortef or something for anxiety like xanax which will reduce your cortisol levels. Have you talked with your doc about this?


If nothing else, you should have a plan from the end for your after care BEFORE you go to surgery. You will need:


- Letter from endo on symptoms of AI and how he wants you treated if you end up in the ER


- Medic bracelet with your name and that you are steroid dependant - admin 100mg cortisol


- Filled Rx for hydro or cortef


- Filled Rx for 2 bottles of solu-cortef (act-o-vial) and 2 syringes

.....critical that it's the (act-o-vial) formulation because it is designed to have the liquid that reconstitutes the powdered cortisol at the top of the vial and it drops down to make the medicine. The other formulations require you to withdraw liquid from one vial and transfer it to another.....that's too dangerous to ask someone who's in an AI event to physically coordinate that.


I know it's so hard to wait when you're so close to surgery, but hang in there, come chat with us when ever you need us....the lights always on here.


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