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Impressive words and other realisations





When someone says to you- 'i might have a brain tumor', i wouldnt say you would oftern think of them getting hairy and fat.. or, that its begnin, or even that its necesserily treatable.


When someone says to you 'I might have a brain tumor', your initial reaction is to think that they have a terminal illness. Am i right? Ofcourse i am.



On the other hand, if someone says to you 'I might have a hormone disorder'- well then you think of problems with sex and gender, masculin looking women and femainine looking men.


How we choose who to tell what.. well thats the interesting bit :jawdrop:




I am also wierdly obsessed with my wee currently. I cant say urine is somthing ive ever had much joy out of- but having to collect it for three days- well ive started to take an interest.


Day one saw about 4 leters of wee (thats not an overestimate either), and then 2 leters on day two and only one today.. i wonder if i carried on if i would actually stop peeing all together by tommorow! :woohoo:


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