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For those of you who've lost your pets



Ah was talking to some people about our mutual pet's deaths. Not appropriate to pos this there, but I know at least one of you I was posting with felt guilty about having to make the decision to end your pet's life. I did too sooo much so I wanted to share this poem it's not the greatest but from the heart. Just thought the part about letting go of the guilt might make you feel so not alone.I uploaded some pics to my album of my Shelli cat. The one on her back in on her memorial urn [for lack of a better term]. I find I have a big problem saying her 'box.' It is a wooden box but it's not it's so much more. Still, i skirt around the word. Anyways:Goodnight, My AngelPlease don?t think,I broke my promise;I loved you best,While you were here.My angel sent from heaven,Who loved me so much.You gave me pleasure each and every day,In immeasurable ways.My sweetie pie,That I had to send on her wayThis very day.Goodnight, my angelNow it?s time to sleep;Without pain or misery.At an end finallyYour earthly suffering.I found the strength at last to say goodbye;To send you peacefully on your wayHome in the sky.When you get to Heaven, please say helloTo Billy Joe.Oh, and also greet:Webster, Baby, Buffy, Bridget, Fantine,Missy, Boo, Lugar, Petey, Abby, Sophie,Mr. Roo Roo, Mr. Siamese, Kozaar,Mr. White (remember he?s new too.)At least you won?t be lonelyWhile you wait for me.Patiently.Would you visit Dad while you?re there, too, Shells?He knows what it?s like to lose a belovedFamily member.You could talk about your momma,And he, his daughters.Oh! And Betty is there too,With Missy and Chelsea;She?d be so happy to see you.And Evelyn as well;She never met a cat she didn?t love.All these great people, all these special animals--You lucky cat you!But now it?s time to say goodnightMy angel;Enjoy your days free from pain.Remember we?ll be together again,Someday.

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I love replying to myself. Anyways, hope you gals come over here cause I wanted to talk more about our cats. I just didnt want people not to post who may not like cats, or who may be going through a different stage of grief.


In response to quotes below:


Thank you so much. This is helping me to talk about. She's never far from my mind. Course I haver her pics everywhere lol.


I wanted to give you a link if you havent already bought or made a place for his ashes that is? Let me know. Im VERY happy with what I have for Shells. It has an angel cat on top and everything. I have a blog entry in here somewhere about it.


Oh thank you :D Everyone said what a pretty kitty she was. I got her when i was in england for four months in 2002. She was a midget. She was very small and the steroids made her fat just like her momma! Lol. She had the GREENEST eyes that were very startling.


Awww Angel sounds so cute! Mine are always strays too of course huh? You should put some photos in the gallery so i can see :angry:


Im so glad they give tranquilizers now. My cat got better treatment than I have medically speaking. I'm glad for it.






Hey Adrienne,


THANKS so much for your kind words! I am so sorry about your precious Shelli. Your Shelli left this earth almost exactly a month after my baby. He passed away on April 30, 2005....I have a little memorial set up for him. I received his ashes and going to be doing something special for him to rest in. By the way, I saw the pics of your memorial on the gallery, how beautiful and Shelli is stunning, she looks a little like one of my kitties that I have, Starr, the little princess, who cries for Puffy, he was like a father to her. I got her and her brother when Puffy was the only cat and they took right to him. Puffy used to get mad sometimes cause they always wanted to snuggle with him and kiss him and follow him around and he wasn't used to that. He was also used to being the only one! But he gave in to their affections, but still got annoyed somtimes. ha ha...It is so cute watching how they interact when there is more than one. I also have my other baby called Angel who I found outside my home almost four years ago as a kitten, almost starved to death. He is so beautiful and healthy now. All mine were strays and I just love them to death. They are my children, cause I don't think regular kids are in the cards for me....


They are such miracles and they are always there for you no matter what.

Oh, yeah, they gave my Puffy a tranquilizer too and we were allowed to stay with him for awhile but I just couldn't leave him...I was so mixed up about what to to- stay or go....but I guess I am happy I was there in the end, but still it is a very hard thing emotionally to have to decide.


May your precious Shelli rest in peace. So glad you got some new kitties to give a home to!

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