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Found my PCP



Called around and found my primary care physician. She is originally from Burma and is interested in Cushings. I met with her and showed her all my results and explained about the surgery date of Feb 9th, and that I will need assistance in weaning off the steroids. She was eager to learn about Cushings. She said she took her exam a few months ago, to renew her license, and they had many questions about Cushings on the exam. She said she was very interested and would learn a lot from me. Well needless to say she got the job! I was out to interview doctors and find one that was not arrogant and would listen. I am very pleased with her eagerness to help me and learn.


Today I also found out that I believe my son may have an endocrine problem also. Possibly cushings. His symptoms so far are weight gain, striae that turn colors, difficulty sleeping at night. My son just turned 20 last month. This is going to be a long haul for him as it will be great fun to have him diagnosed. (I say that sarcastically)


With this new blog feature for me, I will be posting what is going on daily.


I asked my son to wait until after my surgery so I will be able to help him better. Right now I am in cushie brain, until after the surgery. I am not much use to him.


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