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Surgery went well! Jan 28, 2010



Hi All!


Yes, I am sitting up in my room at 4 oclock in the morning hungery ( so I ordered a snack!) I got a real big delicious turkey sandwich and a side of applesauce. I am in heaven!


Surgery went really well. I had a long wait in the pre-op, from 7:30 am until my actual surgery at noon. I then had difficulties after surgery; they forgot to give me anti-nausea medication, and I was sick and flinging around ( I dont remember) and cut my hand. I wonder if this could have been a cortisol crash? I went to surgery at noon and didnt get to my room until 5 pm. Crash post op?


I had to stay in post op longer because they then couldnt get me awake from the meds. I missed seeing the doctor, so I don't have a lot to report. He got the tumor out and now we wait on labs to see if it was a successful surgery! The procedure went well and I am feeling pretty good! I do feel the "Cushings Pressure " is off me, and I do hope and pray it will be permantly gone. Immediately I see the hard tummy bloating is down and my face is softer. I had a tremendous hump ache when I got up here, it was awful. My hump on my neck hurt like a sore tooth, and that is what I recieved pain meds for, not for a headache ( as supposed for the surgery area). I had a very very mild headache at the front of my skull, but soon went away.


I do have DI for now, they put me on a medicine and it stopped immediately ( I will ask for the other testing for this , Thanks) My sodium level was ok coming out of post op, but I didnt hear how the last blood draw faired. The nurse just came in for a draw to check sodium and all here at 4 am.


I also have a nasal drip but not a problem at all. It is expected. Bringing Puffs (as suggested) was a great idea. Internet is good here. Wont let me on facebook, and just signs out a few times on its own but I log right back in!


DrJho is well thought of here..everyone says he is picky, the whole nursing staff on this floor knows his routine to a T. He prepares his patients well in advance and uses two Operating rooms to work with, maintaining a production line of sorts. One is operated on , one is in the next room ready to go. He keeps all his people on thier toes. They really like him. I think I have the best Surgeon for this in the USA!


Thank you for all your prayers! God is so good, He takes care of His own!



With heartfelt gratitude for all of you,





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