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Well it's Friday today. I have one more week of work to go and a Monday before my surgery. Friday's are the most difficult, as all week I never get the sleep I need, and this morning I had a bad sinus headache. Had to stand in the hottest shower I could tolerate and make my headache go away. The changes in temperature here in Florida this year is so varied, everyone is having allergies and sinus problems as well as upper respiratory infections. I go around and spray our offices in our department, door knobs, keyboards, phones, light switches, just to try to keep the germs at bay.


I am so tired today, and had that 'woozy' feeling on the way to work. Took bp and it was 154/94, not bad for me right now, and my blood sugar was 206. Only drank coffee with no sugar. The woozy feeling also makes me have a feeling of fear in my chest, so here it is Ativan/Lorazepam time again. With the palpitations and weird doom feeling that is the only way I can make it through the day. I wish so much I could stay home until my surgery but life does not let me, as I have not much time off built up to take off for my surgery. I will actually be taking leave without pay for about a week and a few days. (This is if I am able to go back to work March 1st, which is my goal, surgery is Feb 9th)


I am hurting today, back of my neck, and head. I cant wait to post after the surgery and hopefully be able to tell you what is NOT hurting and all the positive things. Every time I get a congestion headache, or allergy sinus problem, the back of my neck where the skull is on both sides of my backbone, aches something fierce. At home I apply heat and it helps a lot.


Today I am still reading about how to dose after surgery. Nervous about it and reading Gracie's postings and how confident she is about her BLA and her meds, gives me confidence but I just worry still. I will have one adrenal left, she is so poised and confident with both gone and is so positive in her postings. She should hire herself out as an assistant to all adrenal patients! post surgery. :)


I take lots of vitamin C because I read it helps lower cortisol. But I still cannot get a good night's sleep! Waiting for after the surgery for that.


My son is coming home this weekend, and he is the one I worry about cushings. His stretch marks, and lack of healthy sleep pattern make me concerned. A mother's love never goes on vacation, and I worry about him until I can get him tested. What a long trip that will be.


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