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Now I now what a blog is, Hee heeeeeeeeee



I am so computer illiterate. I think I have this one figured out though. I am still in testing limbo. I have just completed the 8 weeks of UFC's and Blood, only to be followed by 2 more ufc's and then 7 back to back UFC's and bloods :rolleyes: . If I don't catch anything soon you will be able to hear me scream in cyber space. <_< I have made a promise to myself that if the back to back urines do not produce any results, I will go out to OHSU for another week of testing and I have selected the week of July 11th to do this. I just want to get off this ride and get on with my life. I am so frustrated.


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I am learning too.


I see that you can now choose to not have replies. I might have to do that on my daily or weekly ramblings too.


Nothing like testing and testing and testing for us cushie's eh? WE all end up being pin cushions. :angry:


Nice to see you participating!


Happy blogging...




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