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Monday morning woes....



Well thought about it this past weekend about my pre op I had done on Dec 17th. Surgery originally scheduled for Jan 6th, but was messed up by the hospital oversight in no putting my name on the list for surgery that day. I had to go back home.

New date for surgery is Feb 9th, next Tuesday....so I call the surgeons office and ask if the date of Dec 17th pre op was ok for a Feb 9th surgery.

OH NO she says, certainly not. Well why didnt anyone reschedule me?????? Did they forget I exist???? Such morons.

So she says she will try to get info today regarding another pre op and call me back this morning. Do I think she will? I have no idea. Each day passing is closer to the date ...i just dont want that to screw it up again.....


I cant take it anymore. So she also says "maybe they will do a bedside pre op" hmmmm, i dont think so because my pre op last time they didnt like my ekg and i had to have an ultrasound, and had to be called back from half way home to go back and have it done that day.


Ducks in a row???? I dont think so.


If we do not keep track of everything this is what happens.


I thought I was being overly cautious, guess its good to be that way. I like being a preventer, so that I can make sure things go right ahead of time by avoiding things or making sure they get done.


My sign on should have been The Preventer!!!!!


Im mad, I want to roid out, and rage ....but I stay calm while speaking with them because being sweet get us further...but I hate being sweet in this situation, can we say BRING ON MORE STRESS PLEASE?????


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