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Surgery Recovery Journal 1/2010



Facing Life Objectively:


DxedCushings with Acromegaly Nov 09

Surgery on Pit tumor Jan 28, 2010 Endocscopical ( no packing)



Day 6 :

Feeling lighter, like breathing better

Sleep better

Hemmorroids disappeared

Vaginal area tightened

Tongue decreasing in size

Normal Bowel movements

Can sleep on side where pain use to be

Can get up from a squat

stiffiness going away

Diziness gone

Feet stopped being sweaty

Lost 4-5 lbs!


Stuffy nose

Lack of taste


Day 14


Normal BP

Normal Pulse

Still no taste


Day 20

Sinus infection-Dx Feb15 , antibiotic

Can't smell nor taste

BP up a little

feel bloated

No more weight loss

Feel Cushie


Some tired days

Lots of Sneezing and a bloody nose on Feb 14

Still tinted pink two days later

DI- on desmopressin acetate

No Pain

Sleeping better


Cortef- 20 mg morn, 10mgs 3 pm since surgery


Day 26

Still tinting some pink in sinus discharge



Can't smell-taste


Vaginal immflamation


Earlobes down- earrings fit better

Normal Bowel movements

Headaches gone


9 weeks

I can smell and taste!

gained weight




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I am so excited to see you post a journal after surgery! I am pretty sure that I am looking at surgery soon and I am trying to find out what to expect. I am in the middle of my student teaching right now and am trying to decide if I will be able to complete it after surgery or wait until next semester. I am very excited that you have that many improvements in 6 days. I hope that everything continues to go well for you! Have you had any of the withdrawls that so many people have described? Thank you so much for your posts!

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OMG this is just what I need..........I had my surgery on February 4th, and I am into my 9th week. I am so achey and tired, and I can barely eat. I feel nausous all the time. I am really having a hard time with this, and besides my doctor, I need some advice from someone who has been there. I am just about at my wits end. I cant sleep, and It is everything I have to get out of bed for work. Thank god I have a patient boss because I am totally worthless at work. I dont have any days off left because of the surgery so I have to be here and suffer all day. Please let me know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I dont know how much more I can take.

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Here is a guide from me:

Cushings Help and Support Boards

Go to the main forums here:



Scroll down to the 4th Yellow lined Bar named CUSHINGS

Cilck on that title "CUSHINGS"

Then click onthe tilte "Treatments"

then click on the title "Post Op Pituitary"

On the top right hand corner you will see a tab marked "New Topic" Click on that and you can post your topic there!



Hope I helped. Not many people see the blog comments. You really need to go to the forums page.

You also need to be a member to post.



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