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Post Op 02-14-2010



I'm back. Glad the surgery is behind me. The surgeon looked like he was so happy to know he did a good job. ? He was proud of himself.


Was in intensive care from 2-9 to 2-11 then moved that evening to a regular room, then the surgeon comes in late that night and asks if I want to go home.

Yes of course. So I was out three hours later. NO wheelchair either, I had to walk to the car right out of the hospital.


Today is Sunday, last night I started having a fever, I know I have to stress dose and did so but was worrying I did not do it right. Guess I did as I am still here.

My BP has been great, heart rate high until today I decided to eat quite a bit of salty chips until I could taste salt again, and my rate when to right under 100. Before this it was never under 100 but in the teens to lower 20s.


I have pain today, cant sleep, wish I could. Last time I took pain meds was Thursday morning before they removed the morphine drip thing. After that I guess I had

so much in my system still I was not in need of any.


I am anemic, and have an appt with pcp tomorrow to get some blood work done. Been eating iron rich foods. Cant do much else.


I am going from cold to hot and uncomfortable. I break the fever with ibuprofen before it gets too high, and I only have to double my steroid dose. So far so good. Fevers were last night and today. This evening I am clammy sweaty, warm but no fever. Incision area and left kidney area hurting some, guess I will get some pain medicine tomorrow.


Right now I am taking normal dose morning 20mg hydro and between 3-4pm 5mg hydro. (this is normally when with fever I double that if the fever is within a certain range)


I will update tomorrow after Dr. visit.


I have to learn patience, I am 52 now and I guess do not heal as fast I remember :) But I think I am doing pretty good. Just wish I could sleep.



Renata :)


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