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Yep it was TIA's



I am feeling very scared right now. I went to a ER night before last and was having another TIA. They say this is a major warning of a big stroke. I had left arm numbness again today but did not go in. I am also having weird chest pain but am too afraid to go to the ER. I am thinking maybe it's just anxiety and it will go away. I have taken xanax and lots of ibuprofin hopiing it will go away. If not I will go in but like I said I am really scared. I am afraid it may be a pulmonary embolism, maybe this is where the clots are coming from. Can't get in to the neurologist untill next friday. I will see the on call doc for my PCP tommorrow. I am also scheduled for a corotid ultrasound tommorrow. Well thats all for now.


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