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is this cushings? need help



Hi all, my name is Toni. I will try to keep this short. I need some help. I have been sick for a while and am yet to be diagnosed. I am waiting to see the specialist. I have already seen a tummy specialist and he had refered me to the hormone specialist. Here are my symptoms:

Blood test 2 times = high cortisol (normal 100-120 mine was 1068 and 2nd time 986)

- aching muscles all the time, but worse at night

- tired all the time and muscles feel weak

- sore chest, have had chest xray, just waiting for test results (i think it is calcium build up??)

- when i'm hungry i feel sick, and sometimes throw up lots and get very tired. (like hypoglycemia)

- lumps in boobs (waiting to see if they go away after period)

- putting on weight and hard to loose (tummy)

- find it hard to sleep sometimes (mind is awake)

- nausia


there are others, but the main at the moment is being tired and aching.

Does this relate to anyone?

My doc thinks its cushings and wants me to get an MRI but its not till the 2nd march. Am sick of being tired.




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Sounds possible. The aching muscles definately sound like what I am experiencing. I am 30 and I keep saying I feel like I have the body of a 90 yr old. I am so tired that I can hardly get out of bed and by the time I take a shower in the morning I have exhausted all of my energy. My legs and arms feel like jello a lot of the time. You know how your muscles feel after you have worked out really hard that is the way mine feel most of the time and I sure haven't been working out lately. I have gotten to where my legs just give out a lot and I fall down. How is your blood pressure? I gained over a hundred pds in a little over a year. I was diagnosed in December with Cushings and after many tests I just went to meet with the neuro surgeon last week. I am now waiting for a date for surgery. Do you have the buffalo hump ( hump between shoulders at top of back)? Also do you have a moon face (very rounded face)? I am also unable to sleep at night. I usually go to sleep quickly but then wake up a few hours later and can't sleep. I hope that if it is Cushings you can get a quick diagnosis! If you have any other questions, I am not an expert, but I will share with you anything I have experienced. By the way my name is Mattie. Good luck!

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Hey, thanks for the reply.

My face is round, but i don't have the hump. My muscles do feel like jello sometime, but not alot. I just got my blood test back and the cortisol is even higher now it was 1200 (normal 100-120). Am waiting to hear from the specialist. (To get booked in).

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