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hi I'm new and confused



hi everyone, I am here to find out a bit more about Cushing Disease

I am currently waiting to see a specialist Endocrinologist to see whats going on with my crazy body :)

Have been waiting 5 long weeks so far, one week to go. It is so scary waiting to find out what they will do and say. Let me take you back to last year, I married my Husband in October 2009 and ever since that day I have felt unwell. Lost weight which worried me as I have always been a slim lady, and been feeling so tired and uncapable of doing the usual daily activities of being a mother and wife.

I got diagnosed with Thyroid disease not long after this date, underactive thyroid (which is unusual my Doctor said as it normally makes you put weight on, not loose weight) So he did more tests and it came back with high Cortisol, of course I had no idea what this was. He repeated urine tests, midnight salivary tests, blood tests and 24hr urine collection tests. These came back to say my Cortisol levels were the highest in morning, which he related to the morning stress of getting two kids ready for school. I have been on medication for my thyroid disease since October and have had it increased to a higher level. I feel worse now than I did to start with. My memory has been poor for a long time, and I thought I had dementia which is a worry at 32yrs old. I thought this was improving for a while but now think its getting worse again as I am forgetting alot of important things. I had a dex suppression test, took 2 tablets at 11pm and the next morning had a blood test. This came back positive to Cushings Disease. But I have no symptoms of Cushings Disease, no weight gain, no moon face, no buffalo humps. Its so confusing! I feel achey in my arms and legs like I have the flu many days, and am so tired I cant cope with cleaning the house and even shopping is a challenge. I am exhausted for days after any physical activity. My head is so fuzzy and confused and I just want to sleep. 9 more days before I see the specialist and am so scared what he will say to me, but I need to know so I can get better. I had 2 CT scans, one on my adrenal glands and one on my pituitary gland but they both came back negative to any problems.

Please if anybody knows, could I have Cushings Disease without the symptoms, or could it be picked up early before the symptoms came. Sorry to write such a long story, Im just a confused and scared lady who loves her family and kids so much, I want to get better. Take care all xxx


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