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yet another request for some help



Well, I had my surgery on February 4th. It was probably one of the worst things that I have ever had to endure........

everyone made it sound like it was going to be fine. My doctor told me I would probably be out in a day or two. I ended up being there almost a week, and probably could have stayed longer. While I was in the hospital I developed Diabetes Insipidus, and was sooooo thirsty and going to the bathroom so much that they put a bedside toilet next to me because I couldnt make it to the bathroom. I was in so much pain, and I was so nauseus that I couldnt eat anything the whole time I was there. After I got home I was put on 20mg of hydrocortisone in the morning and 10mg in the afternoon.


I spent the first week in bed and sleeping most of the time. After the first week I was up a little and moving around. About the third week I went to get follow up blood work done. At around the fourth week my endo called and told me to drop the hydro to 10mg and 5mg. That weekend I got really really sick. I was throwing up anything that I tried to eat or drink, and I was aching and tired. I ended up going to the ER and they tested me for flu and it came up negative. They sent me home and I continued throwing up until Monday. I ended up back at the er and they found out I had a sinus infection. I took antibiotics for that week and nothing seemed any different except that I wasn't throwing up.


I went back to work and around the 4rth day of work, I started feeling really tired and achy. Since then I have been sick every day. I am so tired all I want to do is sleep. Every bone and muscle and joint in my body hurt. I have no strength whatsoever. I can barely get myself up off of the chair when I sit down. I cant eat anything because Im naseus all the time. I am sneezing alot also, and I have insomnia horribly. My doctor said everyone handles it different and that she thinks it is probably going to go away, but it is getting no better, and I am so sick of being sick. I am worse now than I was before my surgery, and I am actually regretting the surgery. Please someone, anyone who has had the transphenoidal surgery to remove a pituitary tumor, let me know if there is a light at the end of the tunnel,,,,,,,,,,..............


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This is not good...sounds like you need more Hydro for right now. It really does. I am not that way post op . You may need to have more hydro for now. I did not have Cushings, I have Acromegaly so I can come off sooner then you. Have you posted at the forums? You really need to get this out posting on the forums. Do you know how to post there?

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No.......Im kinda new to this. I have been doing blogs, but never anything else. My doctor doesnt seem to think I need to take any more. She seems to think that this is normal, but It doesnt feel right.

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Hey Hollie,

My name is Mattie and I just had the transphen surgery on the 5th of April. I was out of the hospital on the third day. The only major problem I have had is that I forgot to take the 10 mg of hydrocort in the evening one night and got really really sick. I too have a sinus infection but my doc told me I would probably get one. Have you read anything about adrenal crisis? Some of these symptoms sound similiar. I am not feeling as well as I had hoped to by now but I hope to go back to work on Monday which will be two weeks.

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