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I'm not quite sure how to go to make a new comment on the same blog, but Gaby has had a really bad day. She was dizzy and said she was tired and just felt like crap. Without a diagnosis or even a prelim. I want to keep her active, but not sure that is the best thing for her. She is walking and swimming (won't take off her t-shirt or shorts), her depression at times like today is severe, and I worry that she is not coping well with the idea of cushing's disease. I wonder if this is nomal 16year old feelings, or are her hormones completely out of whack. Will it cause problems if I have her keep walking when she says she feels bad? :)





My daughter is now crying cause she can't loose weight. What tests need to be done? Her PCP has only checked her cortisol level once. I don't know what to say to help her, please give me some advice.


Y'all have been through and continue to go through this daily. Words of wisdom would really be helpful right now.


Thank you and God Bless


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