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THE OFFSPRING LYRICS"Gotta Get Away"I'm getting edgy all the timeThere's someone around me just a step behindIt's kinda scary the , the shape I'm inThe walls are shakin'and they' re closing inToo fast or a bit too slowI'm paranoid of people and it's starting to showThere' s one guy that I can't shakeOver my shoulder is a big mistakeSitting on the bedOr lying wide awakeThere's demons in my headAnd it's more than I can takeI think I'm on a rollBut I think it's kinda weakSaying all I know isI gotta get away from meI tell you something just ain't rightMy head is on loose but my shoes are tightAvoiding my fiends cause they all bugLife is like a riddle and I'm really stumpedIf you reason, don't you knowYour own preoccupation is where you'll goI think I'm being followed, I look aroundIt's only my shadow creepin' on the ground


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