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Battle to see Dr. Maas



As I see Gaby on her up and down days, I find that I may have been neglectful of her symptoms over the past few years. She told me she was dizzy and had a headache, right behind her forehead. Her obesity was just her stomach and back. I saw the hump. For some reason I thought and reasoned out every symptom. Basically that she was lazy, and didnt want to do anything with the family.


This is causing relationship problems between me and my husband, he thinks she is faking it most of the time. I have told him about her enlarged pituatary gland, and her other symptoms. He is not overtly concerned about her health. I can tell she is sick, her eyes are sunk back and have dark circles. She gained 7 pounds this week alone. Constant headaches, her vision is blurry at times. The problem is Gaby has cried wolf before.


Not that she was sick, but when she was sick and wanted to go do things with her friends. She is be in pain and be tired and try to act normal when she wants to go out. So how do I know when to let her go? I don't, its a guessing game that is played.


My husband does not read up on this disease, or its symptoms. He thinks that if she is woken up in the morning, and keeps busy all day, even in the heat, that she will be fine. He is really kind of upsetting me with this. I rule in the side of caution, where he thinks she can push through the pain, and that the tiredness is just being lazy.



Lori W


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