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Camp Cushie Oct 2010 ... Wow, what an awesome experience!



The first thing I must say is the Radiolgist here! ROCK! I had a CT Scan without contrast, but was prepared for it, and with two swipes they had a satisfactory reading for my doctor. The reason I praise them is because they are the only ones after two other chest x rays ( and another CT scan for adrenals), that came up with the answer why I can't breath and my chest hurt!I am all packed and ready to fly home today. I will review the report later!~ Monday..one week after Camp Cushie- Did I really go?? WOW!@ Night draws, UFCs, salivas...tests. I CAN'T wait to see my results. I feel I was up alot all night, rootng around , feeling on a high. But who knows. I don't do well on salivas. Dr L's staff is so wonderful and supportive. A person is so use to being beat up, it is hard to let your gaurd down and relax. I had a wonderful PA screen me....made me feel comfortable to talk, Of course I froze up whe Doc L came in. I just couldn't think. He said back to square one...testing for Cushings which he believes I have a mild case. I don't have to prove my symptoms, just let's see what the testing says. I do believe he thinks my one test was done wrong from my old Endo. Not a good thing. It was the test that sent me to surgery...not that that was a bad thing...but leaves a "mess" trying to locate more of the tumor or who knows what else! I am a jumbled mess. I need to post my MRI results and CT Scan findings. I will do that soon. I am worn out from a 7 hour flight- 4 1/2 hour- transfer 2 1/2 hour homebound then 1 1/2 hour ride home. Wow, tired! Lost three hours coming home from Seattle. Chest CT Scan: Volume: mildly diminshed; poor inspirationLungs: Mild left basilar atelectasisEverything else ok including the heartCT Abdomen WO Contrast:Unehanced images of the liver, gallbladder, etc are unremarkable. Abdominal aortic cacifications indicate atherosclerosis. Right Adrenal gland in maximal craniocaudad extent measures up to 3.6cm. Maximal AP extent is approx 2.8 cm.Maxima thickness of the medial, lateral limb and body of the adrenal is approx 4-5 cm. No distinct masses are seen,Left adrenal gland in maximal craniocaudad extent approx. 4.8cm. Maximal AP extent is approx 2.4-2.5 cm. there is a mild amount f thickening of the body and medial limb of the left gland without a distinct nodule measuring up to 5mm.Impression:Mild thickening of the left adrenal gland , specifically the body and medial limb without evidence of a distinct nodule or mass. Adrenal glands are in the upper limits of normal size bilaterally. Pituitary MRI: 3 TelsaHigh resolution images show post operative findings. Show the same as the last MRI Post Op.As before, there is a relatively enhancing soft tissue signal involving the bilateral cavernous sinuses, but paticularly the left carticod venous sulcus. This area however is unchanged since the comparison with the 3/2010 examination, on today's examination measures up to 5mm in thickness, and 4.9mm in thickness on 3/2010 exam.The infundibulum remains midline. Mid Sagittal height of the pituitary measures 3.7mm, previously approx 4.4 mm , again presumed to reflect evolution of the fat graft material used.Impression:Continued evolution of postoperative changes in the pituitary fossa, no convincing evidence of a tumor reoccurence or progressio is identified.There remains hypoenhancing material at the inferior aspect of the fossa, although decreased, I connot completely exclude a component of residual tumor, continued follow up is suggested. The high IGF-1 also was considered to send me to surgery...... which proved I had a mild case, since my levels are within normal ranges Post Op.Here are my photos from my trip, including my touring of the big city! http://www.facebook....60&l=922d50ca57~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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