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First test results



Well, not the first urine test I turned in, but the first results I have received. My PCP doc mailed me a copy of the second UFC I turned in. I only got results for the cortisol and creatinine, not the 17-hydroxysteroid? I have no clue about these tests, obviously. It was a normal result. :) 5.4mg :) I'll be really embarrassed if all of my tests come back not just normal but low normal. :) The creatinine test came back as low, but that stands to reason since I have some kidney damage (no idea why) and I'm taking ACE inhibitors for them. Guess they aren't better.I guess I'll just hang in there and wait for some saliva results. And of course, just 44 days until I see Dr. F.I actually had a headache-free night the other day. I was so scared of jinxing it I didn't mention it to my husband until last night when the headache came back. :) So far not excrutiating today so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.Ava is teething. Oy. She has two bottom teeth (they came through on Mother's Day :)) and now her two top teeth are trying to pop through. I've had barely any sleep and I'm looking forward to my evening 'second wind' just so I can try to keep up on the house. Please, please let it be naptime soon. :) Will (my husband) is taking our older daughter to a BBQ in a bit and I am more than ready for some PEACE AND QUIET. LOL :):)


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