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April 5, 2009



Spring in the Carolinas... Flowers blooming, sun shining, pollen on the breeze....


Many days I hope I am really past all the Cushings issues, when I wonder if some new ailment may or may not be related. Add the Scoliosis to that, and it is no wonder I hurt most of the time from something. Then... I am no spring chicken either. Stuff just falls apart when you are older. Recovery is slower, if at all.


I take my pleasures in the simple things. A good night's sleep, a blushing rose on the stem, my periennials making their appearance fresh this year. A cool breeze on a comfortably warm day, resting on my back yard deck in the shade. Finding "Beautiful Music" again on Sirius radio.


Nearly 3.5 years past Cushings surgery, I have gained about 15 pounds back from the initial loss, mostly because my lower back is slowing me down, and I still enjoy eating as if I was on metabolism enhancer (Metformin). Hypertension is under control, diabetes is borderline. I may need to go back on medicinal control for diabetes. The proctitis is affecting that, but it seems to be under control, for now.




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