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Hi everyone, some of you already know me,(Emma12!)I just wanted to start a blog, I mean, wouldn't it be great if I could help people by telling them MY story? Sounds awesome to me!! I love writing(or typing I guess!(LOL) When I got diagnosed with cushings, they told me that I have had it for over a year and a half now. Now, I am one of the biggest drama queens in Canada, and I think my mom,would defiantly agree on that,(you can find her on this website, karenY) so you could imagine how hard it was not to flip out at this!! I am going to have surgery August 19th, and most of my family members are so shock about how exited I am. Almost every day now, walking down the stairs, or talking with my mom or dad, I just blurt out: "One more month until surgery!!" I am so anxious!! I love to cook, I love art, I play ringette and I play an awesome defense in hockey. I hope to play ringette this year again for my 5th year running so I hope to be feeling better by then. I promise to keep posting on my blog to keep everyone updated, remember guys, CUSHIES ROCK!! and don't you forget it!!!



Emma12 :)


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