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Walking wounded



Sheesh, I feel like an invalid. My carpal tunnel is back with a vengeance, so I'm wearing the big braces again - look terrific in short sleeve shirts! It's also very hard to type, to do the computer, to do anything.Besides that, I got some kind of eye infection or something. At first, I thought it was something in my eye because only one quadrant was hurting and red, but it spread to the whole eyeball.It might be from the newest contact lens solution I bought. When I looked at the label, it had expired in March. I just bought it a couple weeks ago! Now I have to find the receipt and haul that back to the store.If it wasn't that, it was probably one of my piano students bringing me pinkeye. AARRGGHH!And I can't/won't/shouldn't wear my contacts with this infection, so besides the splint, the red, puffy eye and all, I look even worse than usual.Always something!


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Feel better MaryO. I have had a lot of eye infections over the past three years: everything from pink eye to who knows what.


Whatever you do, no contacts my dear. Warm, wet washcloths it sounds elementary but they really help. I feel for you HUG

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I am sorry to hear of your sorrow, and the loss of SuzieQ, your special friend. I am still afraid to read her story in case I learn of ever-more thiings to worry about.


I just heard a report about Bausch and Lomb eye solutions spreading an eye infection! I hope yours has cleared up!


Please take care,


Love Maggie

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I just updated my bio. I said:

Update October 26, 2006


I went to see my Johns Hopkins endo again last week. He doesn't "think" that my cancer was caused by the growth hormone although it may well have encouraged the tumor to grow faster than it would have.


He was happy to see that I had lost 22 pounds since my last 6 month visit. Not all of that was from surgery! He reminded me that I can take more cortisone, but I hate to do that because I gain weight so fast when I take more.


He thought that my blood pressure was low - for me, not for "normal" people. He took my pressure several times, lying down, getting up quickly. But I never got dizzy. Maybe my pressure increase was temporary when the cancer started. All these mysteries I have that no one can answer.


My energy levels are lower than when I was on GH, and they're lower again because I had the adrenal removed, because of my panhypopit, because of my cancer (even though currently NED, it can come back at any time, because of my GH deficiency...


Every day is a challenge getting up, doing something useful, doing something without arthritic pain and weakness, having the energy to finish even something "easy". I'm starting to get very depressed over all this.


If this is the way the rest of my life is going to be, why bother?

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