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I have a guardian angel.



After yesterdays emotional outburst (sorry), today I found that my symptoms just seems to feel so much worse. My arms ached while trying to write a flipchart board, I felt bloated, legs pitted, so tired I felt like I had been up all night partying rather than curled up in bed reading a book, really blaaah and kinda lonely with the feelings... and in pops someone who has been through what I am going through, got diagnosed and has had the operation!! This is the 3rd time, when I have been having a wobble about the frustration of it all that she has popped into the office for something or other. (the first time I suddenly told her all about how I was feeling I didn't know she had had Cushings!) I can't thank her enough because even though it was only a 10 minute chat and we did chuckle about things, i know she understands and is not just 'nodding and smiling but not really taking it seriously.' She made a joke about my 'healthy glow' and it made me smile because I knew she really did understand. In my mind it is another demonstration about how support is so important for each person and sharing and talking is a huge savior!!


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