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scared and lonely



Well I went in to see the on call doc last week, he was great he even called me saterday to check on me. I had the corodid ultrasound and I am wondering what it said because he ordered a MRA and I had that done yesterday. He asked me if I have ever had a neck injury or chiropractic work done recently, which I have. I don't think that could be the problem. He did say I might have a small tear in my corodid artery. I guess the MRA is a map of all the blood vessels in the neck and brain. I have not been feeling good this week. I think I am in a low. I am on blood thinners now and feel like I have a whole pharmacy in my kitchen. TOO many meds. My reg PCP has not called me to check on me this week and it is now thursday. He does not impress me. I feel pretty alone right now, I have my husband and my kids but they do not truly know what is going on. My friends seem to be sick of me being sick. ME TOO.

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