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Another useless "specialist"




Endocrinologist ( he was a new one as the usual were off for christmas - note to self, dont have appointment at christmas next time lol )


Anyway, this is why he was useless


How you going he says, I tell him some things are better and some are worse, explaining each one


Then he says well your test results were all normal. I said Oh were they? They tested my Vitamin D levels for the first time, what were they and he says, oh they were a little low you should get out in the sun more. I said i get plenty of sun so he says oh well you can take over the counter suppliments, I said what dose, he says 1000ui. I said so what were my levels then? He said 13nmol/L ( 5.2ng/ml ) I said and what should they be and he said between 75- 150, so i said well then 13 is really low isnt it lol. I told him as they were testing my levels i did some research and for levels that low the daily dose should be a minimum of 5000ui per day ( 10,000ui per day for 8 weeks is optimal ), and he said no 1000ui is good. !!! @#$%


So then i asked So my cortisol and ACTH were both normal, thats interesting my cortisol has been high and my ACTH went really low, so what were the normal reading then? And he said, your cortisol is good its 962 so said and the range for that? He said 119-618, so i said oh so its still high and he said no its not too bad. ACTH? He says thats 77 with a range of 6.2 - 63. So i said wow its gone from below 1 to 77, thats high, my levels were 76 pre surgery. And he says well its pretty normal. I said i had 95% of my pituitary gland removed and my levels went from below 1 to 77 in a few weeks??? So he says, well we will keep an eye on it. How about we see you in 3 months. Cya get out the door ! lol


It was like he just didnt have time for me ! USELESS ! I was in and out in 5 minutes. Normally my appointments take from 40 minutes to an hour !



Source: Another useless "specialist"


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do you think some doctors just get annoyed when we offer our information because they don't want to have a discussion with us. My family doctor resented  my input because who was i to tell him anything. He took it as an insult that i who knew nothing was telling him anything. He expected me to sit there without an opinion while he told me what was wrong with me which pretty much boiled down to me being fat and lazy in his eyes, i hope one day we can discuss our illnesses as two people (a doctor and a patient) working together to try and find the answers.

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I would have thought doctors would be thankful that their patients take an interest in their own health.

But instead i get the feeling that because you dont fit the text book case you must be making it up !!!


Maybe they think because we read things on the internet and learn out our illnesses that we come up with symptoms to fit the illness. Only problem there is we have the symptoms first, which leads us to searching for an answer !


I'm going to be asking my GP if i can have my Vitamin B12 folate and ferritin levels checked. I wont be surprised if she says no.


Working together with your doctor is how it should be, but i dont think they teach that in medical school. Some doctors do have some common sense though and will work with you. You just have to search for a needle in a hay stack to find one :).

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