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First Day



July 18, 2005This should be long because its my first entry but its late and i've already violated one rule during this experiment which is to go to bed early. I just wanted to get started since im behind schedule. I was diagnosed with cushings disease 4 years ago. A tumor in my pituary gland is what they said. It took about 3 month to be diagnosed which is very fortunate for me. I know for many it took months if not years. I hope that is beginning to change. With more media coverage and knowledge of cushings disease, this should be changing. But I digress. I had transphenoidal surgery at UVA performed by Dr. Edward Laws, (quite charming and handsome doctor), however that was not enough to cure me. I then had gamma knife radiation at UVA performed by Dr. Steiner. Still not cured. Thats when I decided to take matter into my own hands. I've always been a proponent of alternative medicine. In fact, if it wasn't for my vanity, i probably would have opted to go that route in the beginning. Probably would have been cured and saved lots of money. Check in tomorrow as the saga continues.


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