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Today a nice thing happened....A few weeks ago i received a call from my neurosurgeon's office asking if i would be willing to speak to a pituitary tumor pt that was going to be having gamma knife soon. Apparently she was anxious about the procedure...as most would be, right?! I agreed and then received a phone call from her a few days later. We had a very nice conversation and I told her of my experience and passed on a few tips that i could manage to remember.Anyway....I got another call from her today. She had the procedure last week and is doing very well. She called to thank me and to tell me that because of talking to me beforehand, her ordeal was much more comfortable. It made me so happy to be able to help someone that way.

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That's so awesome Lorrie! Good for you. I wish I had someone to talk to when I went through my nephrectomy as I was only 17 and scared. Something I really ought to do is contact my local hospital and offer that service. Good ideas and nice to see you blogging!

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