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If I could just get going



Well, here it is: another day.It's 10am and the girls are sleeping. The baby is down for a nap and Anna is still sleeping from last night. I am resisting the mother's urge to go check on her. She needs the sleep and if I wake her I know I will be sorry. :P I wish I could remember how it feels to have energy during the day. I just want to sleep, sleep, sleep. My face is broken out, beyond the normal breakouts in my hairline behind my ears. :rolleyes: Lovely. My headache is starting, just like every other day it is behind my eyes and nose. I saw my endocrinologist yesterday: so today I am starting to wean off of zoloft, down to 100 mg from 150mg and increasing my Effexor from 75mg to 150. I hope the Zoloft withdrawal isn't bad. In the past when I have increased my dose of Zoloft it has made me dizzy and I'm hoping to decrease won't do the same. <_< You would think with the sheer amount of anti-depressant meds I am on that I would be happy go lucky and jumping for joy. Ugh. I only wish it were true.


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