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Cushie Ditty BDay Wish



Just sth I wrote years ago in honor of the site's birthday! So I'm a day late it is heartfelt aye ayeCushie DittyI never made a ditty About this Cushie city That we've helped MaryO to build While feeling so ill The support is in each of us We lean on each other Some more, some less But always we know where to go What is there to say? Too much I am afraid The helplessness is the worst The questioning of self worth Constantly tested by The very people Who have taken an oath To help us in our pain Or-- At least to recognize our misery When they see it How can they not see it? Is the pain in our haunted eyes not enough? How can they not feel it? WHO are they? Are they human? As they leave for home All safe and snug Their families don't have to worry About rushing to the hospital in a hurry Worried they won?t see the light of day again Because they see their own family?s pain They are not--just dismissed Labeled as crazy, depressed or lazy When it?s simply a chemical thing How hard can it be? To diagnose this Cushing?s? So hard that it may never come For those who need it most Or too late for the few Who have just Given up Don't give up the fight You must think of yourself It is not selfish It is not lazyTo give up only makes it worse! And to have a doctor tell you Look inside, look in the mirror That?s where your problem lies Well, that simply isn't good enough! When will it be good enough? How can we make it good enough? Why can't they see We aren?t stupid, but diseased. Yes, we are Cushies-- And our day will come. Thank you to MaryO, and to all the members because everyone has helped in so many ways :)


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