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beginning of my Cushing's



I was born as a healthy child in Aug 1966.I had tended to be tired and fat a little from childhood,but not sickly.I think my cushing's had started with memory problem when I was 17.At age 18,I had had a very stiff back and shoulders all the time since then,and I sometimes had been very sleepy in the daytime.At age 19,my BW started to increase little by little..(52kg->55kg)At age 20,I started to felt reading was hard for me and I was in the fog.At age 21,I still enjoyed student life every day.It's my happiest time in my life!But I felt something that I don't know hurt me.At age 22,at last I had heavy depression without any cause, my BW increased more,over 60kg,and my face started to be round and red.Then I thought I had depressive psychosis and I went to see a school counselor.


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