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Banging head!



Still feeling the effects of my head injury yesterday...what was I thinking...shame I didn't do that pre-op, could've evicted the little buggar sooner. I've got a lot of things to do this week, We are finally going to admit defeat and go for broke, so I have to contact the housing association and try and see what our rights are. Can't wait to move away and be nearer my family to be honest - it will so good to make a fresh start too. We have been going through all of our junk trying to declutter the house - amazing what you accumulate over the years, you think wht the hell did I buy that - I definetely had an arts and crafts phase as one point!!Well its 8:10am right now so I'll leave it for now...just thought I better get back to posting in here again as its been nearly 2 months!


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