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Another Interview...!



Spent today lazing around with Harry. I have been feeling abit off today, cheeks are burning - that horrible cushings sensation you get when you feel like a squirrel with walnuts stuffed in your cheeks...lol! and my limbs feel very tired too. So have and I made a picnic on my bed. We laid out a picnic blanket and brought all his play cups and saucers and teapots and play food in and four of his teddy bears and had a teddy bears picnic - it has been fun and I so love having this time with him. Won't be long before he is all grown up and banning me from entering his room...!! so I am making the most of it. The postie brought good news,I have another interview as a clinical secretary. I applied a couple of weeks or so ago and thought I hadn't got through, so I chucked all of the literature they sent me away!! Typical! So every job I have applied for so far has resulted in interview, which is great as in all of them I admitted to having cushings. It's now a toss up between whether I work nights and can then be with Harry during the day and still study for my degree - it will knacker me out but I have the best of everything or do I put Harry with a childminder and go back to full-time work which pays a little more but I will obviously lose some in childcare payments - who knows.So that's been my day so far...


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