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  1. Mayela, I'm so sorry you went through COVID but glad you're on the other side of it now. And a relapse doesn't sound like any fun Thanks for the update on The GRACE trial, though. Please keep us updated on your recovery from COVID and your relapse.
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  2. Hello Mary & dear Cushing’s, I hope you are all doing well during this pandemic... I must tell you I got sick with COVID-19 since January 2021 and I’m still recovering with pneumonia... and I won’t lie if I say it has been the WORST disease I’ve ever had... even worse than my first PANHYPERPITUITARISM with Cushing’s Disease and now with my Cushing’s syndrome relapse... but thanks God I’m alive and recovering. I’m writing here because I found out that the GRACE trial of Relacorilant is delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic and that they are still enrolling participants... so I will le
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