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  1. Poor Baby, I sure hope their DR's get on top of this real soon... I was just watching on Discovery the other day a boy in England or Australia had something wrong and was gaining weight like crazy...but I fell asleep and missed the end, hey I missed most of the beginning too...
  2. How sad... My son was watching something about 2 weeks ago about her on the Discovery channel. He (12) was channel surfing until he heard she had a Pituitary Tumor and stopped to watch it because all he has heard from me and about my Pituitary problems....
  3. The very first Endo I went to back in the early 90's sent me right to a Neuro Ophthalmologist, and sure enough my Pit was putting pressure my optic nerves..just wondering why this report I have of my MRI doesn't even mention my Optic Nerves.
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