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  1. you dont have to have skinny arms and legs i dont . you do have a hump i see.
  2. thyroid , cushings, growth hormone to name a few that can gain weight. What i have found is that eating very low carb and high protein can work for a while, but not long lasting i managed to lose 4 stone on low carb and still have all the other problems . It means that if you do have cushings or thyroid condition you have to work extra hard to keep it off .IM afraid that scotland is not the best place to have this condition i have been fighting for years for a diagnosis , i got so fed up of them saying eat less exercise etc etc etc , so now here i am had gastric sleeve a month ago, extreme way to prove i dont over eat , also before i left the hospital i gained 16lb in 4 days , almost had heart attack Bp and blood sugar high and low all over the place and still nothing, and no weight loss heavier now than before operation , i gave up hope with them years ago . anyway hope you have better luck jo x
  3. how are you? hope all, went well jox

  4. how are you lydia long time no see ? hope you are well im not on the site often myself now tc jo x

  5. How are you lydia ? i hope you are well "big hope" i gave up with it all for a while but thanks for the advice on the t3 as all my odema has almost gone pity about the rest anyway tc jo xx

  6. i have been on a low carb diet since january and have lost 3 stone and 4lbs so yes it does work but you need every bit of will power to do it only diet that has worked for me so far also liver tests look better
  7. armymp's i am very patriotic and love my Scotland lol if you ever come over let me know

    we are very welcoming and there is so much of Scotland i would like to visit also

    tc jo xx

  8. how you doing mel ?? and baby

  9. i was on depo for 9years but i had problems many years before i started taking this jo
  10. never drink fizzy or any kind of canned drinks never have fruity still water is as far as i go or tea /coffee
  11. how you doing kim? no sign of you lol

  12. thanks for friend invite hope all goes well take care jox

  13. i have to agree with Melanie im afraid this drug is not going to make life changes and we need money spend in so many other areas other than the same 3 i all the time here in the uk its either cancer diabetes or heart disease i feel not enough money is spent on rare or other research we have came so far with cancer and we are leaders in the world could we not be leading in other areas? sorry if this sounds tough for some but i sympathize with any one who has cancer and any other life threatening illnesses for that matter you cant just put all the money in one pot. I also cant help feeling this is another story that has been highlighted because of our elections at the moment cant help thinking some people are being used in the wrong way. I have also to agree with Melanie that IVF should be paid by themselves im not totally agreeable with the practice and i havent read about many pensioners being given the cancer drug no one life is any more important than another. If i had cancer in my family or especially men 1 genetic i think i would have thought twice about having any kids thats just my opinion sorry if i offend anyone . jo
  14. welcome to the board and good luck !

  15. hi collette im in same area as you i tried to leave message but said blocked so ill try here please get in touch


  16. did ya' ever see an obese doctor???? Skinny lil' people. yes i have she said i know its not easy to lose weight look at me in reply i said yes you are fat but dont have all other medical symptoms like i do that told her
  17. i have not eaten anything for 18hrs now and i still dont have an appetite this happens to me all the time and doctors tell me lose weight and exercise how can you cut down any more that zero lol and i dont lose an ounce either jo
  18. hi kim not seen you for a long time hope ur fine and seen ur hump cant deny that baby eh ? lol

  19. hi dawn thanks for the reply i agree that my hypothyroidisim has not been controled with meds i am now on 200mg levothyroxine per day and have been for ten years (when all problems started) they said they wont increase as it puts a strain on the heart even though i show under i am on my way to BARTS LONDON in a few weeks i have been once they took bloods and i will get the results when i go back for my consultation if they cant find out who can? i had to push the NHS to get a referal as here they havent a clue dont even know how to test right its a long way to go but it might be worth it fingers crossed lol take care jo x
  20. iv read this before i actually tried DHEA tablets out of desperation last year for several weeks in the time i took them my facial appearance completely returned to normal no swelling i looked normal again but it didnt last and i went back to being the ugly fat face again lol but made me think that if this happend surely there has to have been an underlying problem for them to have worked in the first place ? good reading jo
  21. aw wee cutie on your profile she is sweet lol just to say thanks for comment on my post joxx

  22. thanks so much shelly for your comment on my post tc joxx

  23. hi cindy it does give me some kind of hope when i hear what you said tc joxx

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