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  1. Can you get orders for MEN?
  2. I wonder if she had children. I wonder how her medical record reads. What her labs say. I tried the link and unfortunately there is not an area to make comments. So sad.
  3. I wonder if 'we' could write a letter to the editor like other medical practitioners do asking these questions. Why not? Maybe they would separate out the bla-ers. Or maybe the answer is in the full article and I couldn't get to it.
  4. MaryO, thank you for the links. Too bad about the reprints, makes sense though.
  5. I missed this when it was first posted. Wow. I was told that urinary frequency/incontinence could render a ufc impossible for me (and what the work around is) but to see it in print is altogether a different animal. MaryO, I think this article and its links are really important. Would it be possible to post it elsewhere on the site (on the Endo News page or someplace like that). They offer reprints. I am very pressed for time right now but this reprint (4 color, easier to read) might be a great conversation starter for docs who are helping us but unsure. I would gladly buy reprints from the cushie store ........... and will gladly do the footwork if it makes sense. http://www.slackinc.com/reprints/ Thanks addflower.
  6. Obesity is a symptom, NOT a diagnosis. Good luck with your studies.
  7. Thanks LindaP. I have been around dinner table conversations for decades with family members who are involved with industrial chemicals (stronger than chemicals provided to households, in larger quantities), food production and microbiology. I have only just started using generics because I have no other financial alternative. This lifetime of hearing the stories about the underside of this industry thoroughly convinced me that big pharma might be held to QA but other pharma probably wouldn't even be held to those standards. Another area of concern from what I have seen on tv is that the component chemicals for the final product medication, generic and brand, are largely manufactured in China and there is little oversight for any part of the supply chain. It is very irritating to me when I go to the pharmacy that I am not asked 1) if I want brand or generic and 2) I am not asked how will you pay. There are medications that I prefer to pay for than run through insurance because I get the med cheaper by paying cash or don't want to file a claim through insurance. A pharmacy once confirmed the cash price for med, twice, for 90 day generic and then ran it through my insurance after quoting how long before I could come in for my refill and the total cost (cash pay). This wasn't a hand-off error of order taker to order processor to order filler. One person only. And a med I didn't want claim made to insurance was already a done deal. I don't understand how when each of us the the final payer for all service at any level, the service we get is so poor/spotty. And I don't understand how the pharmacies/pharmacists have abdicated their responsibility to the patient.
  8. Interesting. Why aren't the 'incidentalomas' removed? Why is the entire adrenal removed? I would think that recovery from a cyst or other type of mass being removed is easier than the removal of an entire gland, lap or otherwise. Do you guys know?
  9. Are there any studies of 'the encapsulated' pituitary microadenomas responding to therapies like those used to collapse varicose veins (injection of substance into vein and vein collapses on self and withers away)? Do I risk having unreadable pituitary MRIs the more dental implants I get? I am losing teeth at an alarming rate.
  10. Are the terms 'end-stage' and florid Cushings synonymous? Is there a standard description (Stage I, Class I, etc). to describe the progression of Cushings Disease (meaning from a pituitary source)?
  11. Is cortisol measurable in ear wax? Is cortisol measurable in body fat, esp hump, supraclavicular fat pads or belly fat? Say via punches? What is going on with research into hair and measuring cortisol? What is going on with measuring cortisol in sweat (studies published seem to express hope of this working)? My question is really are the measurements available and are they diagnostically relevant. Can you give me an easy to understand analogy to the HPA axis, feedback loop and negative feedback loop? Do all of the hormones that use the hypothamalic - pituitary axis have feedback loops and negative feedback loops? If not, which ones? Is it true that endocrinology student doctors are at an all time low as a number and as a percentage of med students? If I understand correctly: surgeons and physicians, endos, etc. who treat pituitary and adrenalectomy patients look at cortisol in blood levels and not urine and saliva. Why? THANK YOU for your attention to the Cushings and pituitary disease community.
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